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A Word to Parents and Educators

The vocation navigator program is a comprehensive journey that will encourage students to find their place within the job market and life in general through their own gifts, abilities and interests.

The workbook begins with personal responsibility, which is the basis for all life and learning, recognizing our place and being responsible for our own actions. The program relies upon foundational values which drive students to make sensible decisions.

Vocation navigator bridges the gap between school and life in a way that is fun, interactive and meaningful. The curriculum is designed with a casual approach that is full of multi media experiences as well as hands-on projects. It is meant to encourage ownership and entrepreneurial spirit. The discovery of what's ahead is awesome for some, yet intimidating for others. We open this up as a journey filled with twists and turns, but rewards too, which in turn, build confidence and fulfillment.

Relationships are strongly supported and encouraged as there are many opportunities for relationship-building as an integral part of the program. This directive is met by contact with a students mentor and a strong focus on community service. The program concludes with a “Career Club”, whereby students have regular meetings, arranging activities, organizing community service projects and working together to encourage each other on their path to their destinations.

Let's help all our students succeed by equipping them with relational skills and confidence to go out and achieve fulfillment, contentment and a satisfying work and personal life.  

Thank you in advance for supporting this effort
to help the students in each one of your lives.