"Vocation Navigator is helping to love and serve our world better with more opportunities for young people looking to find their perspective in today's job marketplace.  And, as we all know, when you love what you do, this makes time fly by with creativity and more happiness for All!  

The smiles on the faces of vocationnavigator.com website says it all."

Love, Narada Michael Walden - Award winning Producer
 "I think the vocation navigator workbook is a great tool to help guide students. I wish that I would have had such a resource when I taught alternative high school. It would have helped us reach many more kids."
"The next generation is longing for direction in their pursuit for success. This workbook is a tool that will cause young people to see their value and help them to recognize their purpose!"
the vocation navigator workbook and program is poised to guide students to a great "fit" in their work life and lead them to making great relationships.
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Bob Genetski - Member of the Michigan House of Representatives from the 88th district
Keith Hall - Executive Director - Keith Hall Summer Drum Intensive and Jazz Drum Professor
Western Michigan University
"Very excited about this project Paul. It has great potential." 

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Kennedy Moronta - Film Actor - New York City